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Kobbari Karam Podi

Kobbari Karam Podi: Kobbari karam podi or Spicy dry coconut powder is one of the Podi variety in South-Indian Cuisine. It is one of the most popular recipe in Andra Pradesh¬†state and it is called as Kobbari karam in telugu. Dry coconut powder is the best combination in dosa, idli . When we…

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Pappula Podi Recipe

Pappula Podi Recipe: AUTHENTIC ANDHRA PUTNALA PODI Spice powders are the specialty of Andhra cuisine we proudly boast about it. We prepare powders with many kinds of lentils and pulses coupled with mild spiciness so i would like to introduce pappula podi is an Andra style recipe. A spoonful of podi serve along…

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Karampodi Recipe or Idly Podi or Idli Gunn Powder

Karampodi Recipe or Idly Podi or Idli Gunn Powder: Karampodi is famous recipe which is prepared in Andhra Pradesh and it is also called popularly as idly podi¬†because it is so tasty and very spicy. Instead of chutney in idly, dosa, upma if you are using this powder its very tasty and yummy….

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