Category: Snack Recipes

Crispy Corn Kernels Recipe

Crispy Corn Kernels Recipe: Crispy corn is one best snack varieties and it acts as an appetizer also. This recipe i ever seen in road side at first time i ate this recipe in restaurant and I felt soo tasty also crispy later i want to know the preparation process i asked them…

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Crispy Potato lollipops

Crispy Potato lollipops: KIDS APPETIZER POTATO STARTER Potato lollipops is a snack variety and it acts as a appetizer mainly  kids are like this type of snack recipes  because in case of kids variety plays a prominent role so kids must like this recipe. It is good at evening snack and is very easy to…

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Paneer 65

Paneer 65: Paneer 65 is one of the best snack recipe in India. We often see this recipe in Indian restaurants starters menu and acts as a appetizer it is good before having food, this recipe is home made style it can easily prepare because ingredients what we are using regularly in our home….

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