Month: May 2020

Masala Idli Fries

Description:- Masala idli fries is a recipe which is good to have at evening snacks time. Mainly kids are must love this recipe because of its crunchiness, spicyness. After eating this idli fries you felt french fries taste is nothing. Here I used morning leftover Idlies for evening snacks otherwise if you want fresh idlies you may cook at the…

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Potato Fry (Aloo Fry) Recipe

Potato Fry (Aloo Fry) Recipe How to make potato fry recipe Description:- Potato fry (Aloo Fry) is one of my favorite recipes, I think everyone likes potato but due to deep frying, it gives high calories that’s why people avoiding aloo. But for kid’s growth it plays a prominent role so for your children you must…

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