Vegetable Manchurian is a spicy Chinese dish which is originated from China now it is famous in India also so it is called as a Indo-Chinese recipe. In India this Manchurian recipe must be there in each and every restaurant menu cards, even in road side street food centers also prepare this recipe. It is quite similar to gobi manchurian instead of gobi we use vegetable dumplings made of lot of veggies whatever you want and it is very perfect recipe for vegetarians . In India restaurants this recipe served as a starter means it is having before food and also take it as a evening snack .

Veg Manchuria has two versions one is wet and other one is dry. Wet Manchuria is good as a side dish while having steamed rice, fried rice wet Manchuria means we dip vegetable dumplings in a sauces gravy that’s why also it is called as a spicy gravy Chinese dish and dry Manchuria is a good appetizer as a evening snack, after frying vegetable balls called as dry veg Manchuria and it is good as a side dish along with noodles.

I get so many requests to post snacks or appetizer recipes that’s why i posted this Manchuria recipe. I learned the process for this recipe from chef later i try this Veg Manchuria in my home it tastes so yummy. while having along with tomato ketchup and then i post this appetizer recipe because of all you people. This type of Manchuria process is quite different when compared to other websites here i fried Manchurian balls 2 times due to this it absorbs less oil good for health also and it get a different taste. So guys all of you try this recipe and tell me your opinion as a comment.

1 cup Grated carrot
1 cup Grated cauliflower
1 cup chopped Cabbage
1/4 cup Spring onions
1/4 cup Coriander leaves
1/2 cup Sweet corn
1 1/2 teaspoon Ginger
1 1/2 teaspoon Garlic
1 cup Onion
4 chopped Green chilies
1/2 teaspoon Black pepper powder
1/4 teaspoon MSG salt
Required Salt
3 table spoons Maida or all purpose flour
1 table spoon+1 teaspoon Corn flour
1 1/2 teaspoon Soya sauce
1/2 teaspoon Red chilli paste
1 teaspoon Vinegar
1/2 cup Water
Requred Oil
Preparation Steps of Vegetable Manchurian
Take all these finely chopped vegetables in a bowl, now add required amount of salt, black pepper powder, MSG, chopped garlic and gnger, add maida or refined flour, corn flour.

Now mix well the entire mixture without adding water because vegetables contain water content. If the mixture is not bind well then you may add very little bit of water or vegetable stock. Now turn this entire mixture into (lemon sized) manchurian balls and keep aside.

Now put oil for deep frying add manchurian balls in it and keep on a low or medium flame fry until it will be half cook and then keep aside because these balls absorb oil heavily so that i fry these manchurian balls twice that’s why i switch on the flame and fry these half cooked manchurian balls again this time the manchurians fry till it becomes crispy and also turns brown in colour.

While frying manchurian balls switch on another stove and heat 2 or 3 tbsp of oil in another wide bottomed pan add garlic, ginger, green chilies saute it until green chilies become lightly brown now add soya sauce, salt to taste, vinegar, red chili paste, MSG mix all of these add some onion bulbs (onion bulbs means middle part of onions), 1/2 cup vegetable stock or water mix it well.

Now for thickening take a small cup add some water in 1 tbsp of cornflour mix it well without any lumps and keep aside. Manchurian are fried well transfer these balls from deep frying pan into a wide bottomed pan or sauce mixture pan mix it the sauce will be coated well on Manchurian balls now add cornflour mixture(whatever we prepare before), spring onions switch off the flame.

Garnish with spring onions and serve hot hot veg manchurian and it is so yummy by eating along with tomato ketchup. you can also easily prepare Paneer Manchurian in the same way