Butter Banana Flambe:

Butter banana is one of the best yummy delicious rich desserts. It takes very less time to prepare and requires less ingredients also. This recipe is served only in 5-star hotels menu in flambe category because before serve this recipe for rich looking add little spirit or alcohol at the top and light it so this recipe called as butter banana flambe in those hotels but here i am not adding spirit or any other alcohol just garnishing with cashew pieces. The reason behind i introducing this recipe is each and every person must taste this type recipes that’s why i am posting this recipe. Kids also hate to eat fruits directly so you cook like this, they must have fruits in this way of cooking . so guys all of you try this recipe and tell me your opinion as a comments  good luck and have this great dessert recipe.


  • Banana-4
  • Butter-1 cup
  • Fresh cream-4 tbsp
  • Orange juice-1/2 cup
  • Sugar-2 cups
  • Cashews

Making process of Butter Banana Flambe

  1. Make cashews and bananas into small pieces and also extract juice from oranges keep them aside.
  2. Initially we have to prepare sauce for that caramelize sugar  means without adding water cook sugar in a wide bottomed pan stir it continuously until it turns into a golden brown color syrup .
  3. Add butter in that sugar syrup mix well till it melts, now add fresh cream and stir again and cook it for some time
  4. Add orange juice stir it till become thicker
  5. Add bananas and cook for 4 to 5 mins
  6. Serve this hot hot yummy butter banana by garnishing with nuts and dry fruits.