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Uggani Recipe BORUGULA (PUFFED RICE UPMA ): Uggani  is a regional recipe in Andra pradesh mainly in rayalaseema It has so many names like Puffed rice snack, Borugula upma, Maramaralu upma, Buggani, Vuggani. It is very easy to prepare and takes very less time and is good at the time of having breakfast…

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Tomato Dosa Recipe

Tomato Dosa Recipe: In India every one must like dosa and have as a breakfast along with different types chutneys now-a-days people are getting bored to eat regular dosa’s so introduce lot of variety dosa’s like masala dosa, instant rava dosa etc. Tomato dosa is one of the variety it is quite different and also very simple process to…

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