Sorakaya Halwa

Bottle gourd Halwa recipe

Sorakaya Halwa

Sorakaya halwa  is a famous dessert in India and it is also termed as Doodhi Halwa, Lauki Halwa, Bottlegourd HalwaIt is very nutritious dessert ,also healthy  and hygienic because we are using Lauki or bottle gourd, milk, dry fruits. So many people like this recipe for enjoying  flavor ,someone likes because its healthy  and a few  for the cozy experience it installs on rainy day. This recipe is very tasty and easy to prepare also Sorakaya ia also referred as bottle gourd, bottle squash, calabash gourd. The flavor of this recipe is overflowing and also gets mouth watering  while having  hot curries along with cooling yogurt recipes like raita. Bottle gourd is one of the veggie  mostly used in southern India mainly while preparing pappu charu and you can also use this veggie while cooking along with lentils(like chana dhal, moong dhal) .While in Northern India this veggie is used for planning to prepare  koftha curries.

Bottle gourd is a combination of plenty nutrients and healthy benefits, in India generally it is termed as poor man’s veggie but we have to calculate nutrients wise it is rich so people must use this veggie in your regular diet plan don’t think it is poor man’s veggie. In ancient days nature cure professionals are mainly discussing about nutrients of this veggie. While in summer our body demand this veggie because water content is high. It is also rich in fiber content so Lauki is very helpful for digestion, piles patients and also it is used to reduce cholesterol levels in our body because of fiber content.You can prepare a very low calorie food because bottle gourd is a very low calorie veggie high in water content and rich in fiber content.

Even though you may not like bottle gourd but taste wise Sorakaya Halwa is very delicious dessert, people who hate  to eat bottle gourd must try this doodhi halwa and after having this halwa you don’t leave it.I prepare this recipe at least once a week because it is healthy and hygienic.


  • Grated Sorakaya-1 cup
  • Sugar-3/4 cup
  • Ghee-1/4 cup
  • Milk-200ml
  • Cardamom powder-1 tsp
  • food colour optional
  • Dry Fruits as u wish

Preparation Steps for Sorakaya Halwa Recipe:-

  1. Initially grate sorakaya boil it later keep aside.
  2. Heat ghee add dry fruits fry it until golden brown in colour. keep it aside.
  3. Now add boiled sorakaya in the same pan by adding another tsp of ghee fry it for sometime later add milk, cardamom powder  into it for getting good taste .
  4. Boil it until milk evaporates later add sugar into it stir it continuously until the mixture leaves the sides of the pan .
  5. Finally add dry fruits and switch off the flame.


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