Ragi Dosa

ragi dosa


Ragi Dosa | Instant Ragi Dosa-step by step process of instant ragi dosa is shown in below. It is a South-Indian recipe and i  prepare this dosa batter with ragi flour,rice flour, semolina, curd and so on the dosa batter texture is similar to rava dosa . Here ragi is also called as finger millet or nachini and it is very healthy for diabetic patients because it is rich in nutrients, it is healthy  not only for diabetic pateints but also every one mainly for kids. Generally by using ragi we prepare laddu, ragi java, ragi sangati etc but here i am using ragi in breakfast recipes as a dosa that to we prepare instantly.

Here i shown instant process so it takes very less time to prepare this recipe and it is th right recipe to fit for breakfast mainly for children. It helps a lot for the growth of children and also increases hemoglobin percentage to them. It is quite similar to rava dosa recipe but here i use ragi flour instead of wheat flour and remaining preparation process all are similar to ragi dosa but little variation in taste.

Generally i prepfer this recipe atleast twice or thrice in a week at my home because it is healthy and very nutritious food also takes very less time to prepare this ragi dosa.Children also may like to have this type of recipe because it is crispy and little bit of spicyness. If suddenly relatives or friends may visit to your house and this is the right recipe to serve them. So everyone try this recipe and tell me your opnions as a comments…..



Ragi Flour-1 Cup

Semolina or Sooji-1 cup

Rice flour-1/2 cup

Curd-1/2 Cup

Cumin seeds-1 tsp

Green Chilies-1 tsp

Chopped Ginger-1 tsp

Salt to taste

Coriander Leaves-Optional

Water is required

Preparation Method:-

1.Take a wide bowl add ragi flour, semolina, rice flour, curd, cumin seeds, chopped ginger,salt,water.

2.Mix it well and batter will be thin when compared to regular dosa batter.

3.Now heat pan add a tbsp of oil spread over the pan later pour a laddle of batter spread it on the pan.

4.Again add oil around dosa cook it for 5 mins later flip dosa again cook it .

5.Now ragi dosa is ready to serve.

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