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Potato Fry Recipe


Potato Fry Recipe | Aloo Fry Recipe | Crispy potato fry- learn step by step preparation of spicy,crispy, yummy potato fry. It is very easy to prepare this recipe, takes very less time to prepare and also requires very less ingredients. I cook this spicy aloo fry in Andhra style mainly it is most popular in guntur. So it is little bit spicy and yummy kids also like this recipe a lot  and it is the right choice while having white rice with tomato pappu or sambar or rasam along with a dollop of ghee and it also serve as a snack recipe to kids along with tomato ketchup apart from crunchy potato fry i also prepare french fries, potato chips.

Here i am using red chili powder, coriander powder, salt for getting flavour to aloo fry. We prepare a lot of recipes by using potatoes, vegetarians are like this veggie a lot. Aloo is good for kids health it helps to improve their growth. So this recipe is very good for children health even it is deep frying and they likes this recipe so much. I prepared also so many potao recipes like crispy potato lollipos, baby potato fry, dum aloo.

So everyone try this potato fry and tell me your opinions as a comments.



Potatoes-3 medium sized

Oil for deep frying

Red chilli powder-1 tsp

Coriander powder-1 tsp

Salt to taste

Preparation Method:-

  1. Initially peel and wash potatoes later make into pieces keep it aside.
  2. Heat oil in a wide bottomed pan for deep frying put it on high flame.
  3. After heat oil add chopped potatoes spread it evenly leave it for 5 mins
  4. Later mix it laddle or spoon by doing this process what i mention above potatoes are not stick to the pan and the fry is not turn into paste.
  5. Mix it gently until it turns into golden brown in colour. After transfer it to a bowl.
  6. Now add red chilli powder, salt to taste, coriander powder mix it well and serve this cryspy hot hot potato fry along with rice or you may have this directly as a snack by serving with tomato ketchup.
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