Instant Rabri


Instant Rabri | Quick Rabri with Condensed Milk | Dessert Recipes – learn how to prepare quick yummy delicious instant rabri. Here i prepare this dessert recipe by using milk, condensed milk as main ingredients. All of us know about health benefits in milk, it is rich in calcium helps for bone strength. It takes very less time when compared to regular rabri even children also like this recipe a lot because it is so yummy delicious taste.

Actually i don’t know how to prepare this recipe later i search in google, youtube to knowthe preparation process finally i got this recipe after i prepare in my house taste is good but it takes too much time so i think to prepare this rabri instantly that’s why i tried this instant rabri by using condensed milk. So everyone try this sweet recipe and tell me your opinion as comments.

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Boiled Milk- 1 Litre

Condensed Milk- 1 Bowl

Pista- Handful (Chopped)(optional)

Almond- Handful (Chopped)

Cardamom powder-1 tsp

Cornflour- 3 Tbsp

Plain Milk- 1 Bowl (To mix in Cornflour)

Saffron- Few strings (optional)

Preparation Method:-

  1. Initially boil milk on medium flame for 10 to 15 min after little while reduction of milk quantity.
  2. Stir milk continously because without burning at bottom.If milk reduces to 1/2 quantity now add condensed milk.
  3. Check taste of milk if you want more sweetnees add some more condensed milk mix it well.keep on stirring.
  4. Now we have to prepare cornflour mix so take bowl add cornflour,plain milk in it mix well without any lumps.
  5. Keep it on low flame while adding cornflour mix stir continously after sometime it starts thickening.Now add saffron milk for getting good colour, cardamom powder mix it well. Add dry fruits mix it well.
  6. Rabri is ready now switch off the flame keep it aside for sometime later keep it in fridge for 2 to 3 hrs
  7. After chilli instant rabri is ready to serve by garnishing dry fruits.
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