Chenna Poda Cheese Cake

Chenna poda is originated in Orissa located in eastern India , it is prepared with fresh home made cottage cheese that’s why it is also called as cottage cheese cake .It is generally having after our meal as a dessert and it is made with cheese so it is also called as cheese dessert recipe. It is one of dish in each and every sweet shop menu list in orissa. Now-a-days chenna poda is spreads nearly across all over India mainly in big cities . Generally the preparation process of this recipe in other websites use microwave oven only they don’t tell without oven that’s why here i put the preparation process by using pressure cooker .

It is very simple and easy to cook but it takes more time to cook because of baking process . At first time i ate this recipe when my husband bring it from outside sweet shop it tastes so yummy…so delicious……..soo juicy….. also but it is so expensive in sweet shop that’s why  i decided to prepare this recipe at home but i don’t have oven in my home so i want to cook this recipe by using pressure cooker and also it is similar to cake process but the difference is using chenna instead of plain flour . When i cook this Chhena Poda dessert at home my  husband praises me a lot so guys all of you try this recipe and tell me your opinion as  a comment…….good luck……

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