Bottlegourd Carrot Halwa


Botttlegourd Carrot halwa is also called as luki carrot halwa or  Sorakaya(Anapakya) carrot halwa-step by step making process shown in here. Bottle gourd and carrot both are very nutritious food and it helps to our health. Luki is high in water content and also rich in vitamin C,K and calcium, it also helps to reduces bad cholesterol in our body and helps for maintaining healthy heart, mainly for diabetic patients bottlegourd juice helps to stabalize the sugar levels. Also all of us know about carrot nutrients it is rich in vitamin A, B,C, K, minerals and fiber. Carrot helps to improve healthy eyes and also low bad fats which are harmful to our body.

Here iam not using any food colour because it is health hazardous to our body that’s why i am not adding food colour otherwise you may add.This halwa recipe takes very less time to prepare and requires less ingredients also. It is very nutritiuos food kids also like this recipe a lot because of its sweetness kova is also optional if it necessary add to  sorakaya(Anapakaya) carrot halwa .For geeting some more taste add kova otherwise no need to add it.

Bottlegourd carrot halwa is very nutritious and very flavorful tasty recipe so i prefer this recipe atleast once in a week. So every try this recipe and tell me your opinions as comments………



Sorakaya-1 1/2 cup

Carrot-1 cup

Sugar-2 cups

Ghee-3 to 4 tbsp

Ilachi- 1/2 tsp

Dry fruits(cashews, almond)

Kova-1/4 cup

Milk-1 cup

Preparation Method:-

1. Initially wash and grate luki or sorakaya, carrot keep them aside.

2. Heat ghee in a wide bottomed pan add cashews, almonds or badam fry it until  turns into golden brown in colour. Later keep it aside.

3. Heat another tbsp of ghee add grated luki or sorakaya, carrot cook it till the water content  evaporates. Later add milk if necessary add some water boil it until luki, carrot cooked well.

4. Now add sugar, ilachi or cardamom powder mix it well. Cook it for sometime add kova again mix well.

5. Cook it until the mixture leaves the sides of pan finally add dryfruits mix it well. Switch off the flame.

6.Serve this hot hot luki carrot halwa by garnishing with fried cashews and almonds.

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