Baby Potato Fry

baby potato fry


Baby Potato Fry is very good while having white rice along with sambar or rasam. Usually by using baby potatoes so many people prepare regular curries what we are cook by using big potatoes. But we prepare a lot of different recipes by using baby potatoes like chat, fry, gravy dishes also prepare. Here i introduce baby potato fry and it is very easy to prepare and it takes very less time also. When suddenly relatives or friends may visit to our house this is the right recipe to cook for them.There is no need to do hardwork while preparing this recipe and it requires very less ingredients also.

Baby potatoes are nutrious veggy it is very healthy for kids i suggest this recipe to prepare atleast once in a week .This recipe is  good for adults  also because here we are not deep frying baby potatoes so it is also good for adult health also.

This recipe i prepared for the first time after my marriage we went to my relatives house they served this recipe for us then i felt so yummy and asks her how to prepare this recipe and know preparation process later i came to my house i tried it one day my husband praises me a lot and he said to me so yummy…. it is good while having rice, chapati’s and it may have as snacks also.


Baby potato-200 gms

Water-300 ml

Red chilli powder-2 tsp

Amchur powder- 1 or 2 pinches

Asafoetida powder-1 pinch

Salt-1 tsp

Sesame seeds

Sooji rava

Oil-8 tsp

Preparation Method:- 

1.  Add water , salt and baby potatoes in a 3 lit pressure cooker. Cook it until for 3 whistles.

2. Now add dry red chilli powder, asafoetida powder, 5-6 tsp of oil in a bowl mix it well keep it  aside.

3.Now open the lid of pressure cooker later take out all baby potatoes and peel it keep it aside. If any potato a little     big size cut into half.

4.Take boiled baby potatoes and red chilli powder mixture in a wide bowl mix it well later add semolina, sesame           seeds mix it again.

5. Now heat 2 tsp oil in a wide bottomed pan add mustard seeds fry it till spluttering later add curry leaves sesame        seeds mix it now add semolina, asafoetida again mix it.

6. Finally  add boiled baby potatoes mixture cook it for 2 to 3 min now add salt, amchur powder mix it well and              switch off the flame.

7.Serve this hot hot baby potato fry with ketchup or you may have directly ….hmmm… so ….tasty snack…….

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